Primary Government Contracts

GSN's Job Corps Forest Service Contract

Under contract with the U.S. Forest Service, GSN supports their efforts at three Job Corps Centers. These centers are located in southwestern Virginia and in Kentucky. At these three centers, GSN operates the Career Development Support Services. This includes assisting the youth to prepare themselves for the job market. At the centers the students earn their GED and learn a vocation/trade. The next "stop" for the students is Career Development Support Services. In our center we teach the students everything they need to do to apply their new GED and their new vocational training to obtain full time employment. We assist many of the students to enlist in the military. We also teach and counsel them in the ways of "school to work." We create a resume with them, assist them in identifying employers, and ultimately assist them in finding good full-time employment.

GSN's Job Corps Fish and Wildlife Contract

For the Fish and Wildlife Service in southeastern Missouri, GSN provides career development and job assistance for the Mingo Job Corps Center. At Mingo, GSN is totally responsible for providing the Job Corps students with all aspects of career/job skills which includes: personal responsibility skills (dress, meeting deadlines, attendance at the job, listening, responding positively to supervisors); and job survival skills (worker's rights and responsibilities, workplace values and ethics, and protocols when changing jobs). We also assist the students in understanding computer technology (WP, E-mail, Internet, search engines, resume databanks, job databanks) and preparing for the job search (resume, cover letter, how to interview, follow-up letters, and compensation negotiation). Most importantly, we assist the graduates in finding employment and begin a productive life in society with not just a job --but a career that can support them and their family for a lifetime of productive work within our society.

GSN's Human Resource Century XXI Contract (HR XXI)

GSN has performed on a Government Contracts Management contract for the Army since September 2000. Under contract with the Army Space and Missile Command, GSN currently supports the HR XXI Business Unit. On this contract, GSN provides a wide variety of contract management services for approximately, 25 high-level contracts awarded or overseen by the Secretary of the Army. In this capacity, GSN provides all aspects of contract management including statement of work preparation, ensuring contractors receive timely payments, and beginning the contract close out process. GSN also maintains the Business Unit's master contract records and files, and assists the HRXXI Business Unit with maintenance of their office budget and resource management activities. GSN's work under this contract is both technical an administrative in nature and focuses on ensuring the business unit is efficient an effective and employs the best possible methods to oversee contract awards and provide daily contract administration. When GSN began performing these services there was an extensive backlog of work that had lead to many contractors not being paid for months. GSN immediately assessed the situation, reduced the backlog expeditiously, and now continues to monitor contractor invoice payments. This has created great savings for the Army.

GSN's Fort Riley Contract

GSN supports the Army Learning Center at Fort Riley, Kansas. The Army Learning Centers are designed to provide educational opportunities, assist in support of military training, and prepare soldiers for promotions and reenlistment. The Learning Center also supports Department of the Army civilians and Army family members with training and educational needs. GSN is tasked with the responsibility to support, conduct, and promote military education and training for each of these soldiers. We maintain the individual's training record and enter into it all work accomplished. We provide customer service to each of these soldiers. We update the soldier's DA Form 669 including posting grade reports, test scores, course attendance and retest scores. We maintain custody of the training records and re-file each meticulously at the end of each day.

National Agriculture Library Technical Services

GSN has provided support to the National Agricultural Library (NAL) since 2001. NAL is the principal source in the United States for information about food, agriculture, and natural resources, and one of the largest and most accessible collections of agricultural information and databases in the world. During this time, GSN has proven its flexibility as requirements have evolved. Terrorist use of anthrax has changed many of our procedures regarding the receipt of mail and has also significantly increased patron usage due to anthrax-related research. GSN has met these challenges. Also, we are successfully performing tasks requiring higher level analytical skills and problem solving such as interlibrary borrowing, NOS processing, and microcomputer liaison. We maintain turnaround time requirements while: receiving and processing requests for materials; retrieving requested materials from the stacks; duplicating and delivering copies of articles; circulating material from the collections; shelving library material; and maintaining the collection. We process interlibrary borrowing and interlibrary loans, maintain audiovisual materials, and microforms. GSN is responsible for Interlibrary Borrowing at NAL. We identify sources for information requested by USDA patrons not available at NAL; request material using DOCLINE, OCLC, and other resources; maintain pending files of ILB requests; receive materials from other libraries; inspect and deliver ILB material; report usage to the Copyright Clearance Center; and lend and return borrowed material from other libraries. Other tasks we perform include maintaining the Periodicals Reading Room, Main Reading Room, Audiovisual and microform collections, and loose-leaf filing.

National Cancer Institute

In fiscal year 2001, the Grants Administration Branch (GAB) of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) issued 6,984 grant awards totaling approximately $2.5 billion in support of cancer research. For fiscal year 2002, it is estimated that 7,300 awards totaling $2.9 billion will be issued. The role of Global Solutions Network, Inc. is to facilitate the Grants Administrative Branch in achieving its goals and objectives. Along with other activities, GSN creates, maintains, and manages over 27,000 grant file folders for the NCI. GSN receives all grant applications and prepares a bar-coded file folder for each. Next, we create an entry for each grant application folder in the Records Management Center (RMC) tracking system. GSN files grant folders in numerical sequence and we file individual documents received in appropriate file folders. We retrieve and update the tracking system and deliver file folders to the Grants Administration Branch (GAB) specialists as requested. As file folders are returned, GSN updates the tracking system and returns the folders to the appropriate shelf location. GSN reviews grant applications for missing/outdated information prior to sending the file to the government's grant specialist for processing. We generate and send deficiency letters to the grant applicants when necessary. GSN updates the tracking system to indicate that the file is charged out to the assigned NCI grant specialist and we deliver the file to that specialist for review. As deficiency items are received, GSN logs the receipt into the control system. Next, we scan the document into our eGrants system and we deliver the document to the NCI grant specialist who has the file. GSN reviews documents received for grants that have reached the end of the research project period. For these, we send delinquency letters to the grantee for all missing items. GSN sends final progress reports to NCI program officials for approval. Once all required documents have been received and approved, GSN produces a completed checklist for the file and we place the file in the designated area to await boxing and shipment to the WNRC. GSN reviews all Freedom of Information Act (FOIAs) requests received to determine the location of the file. Next, we retrieve the needed files from the WNRC, if necessary. If the files have been destroyed, we provide a copy of the SF135 as evidence of the destruction. If files are available, GSN copies all appropriate materials requested and sends the copies to NCI's FOIA Coordinator. GSN reviews all notice of grant award packages for completeness, signatures, etc. and makes multiple copies for distribution. We distribute copies, file the official copy of the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) in the file folder, file book copies, and update the Grants Control system with appropriate NGA dates. GSN then sends the file folders to our imaging section to be updated and scanned into our eGrants system.